LVIII – Weather hold Green Turtle Bay Marina

Monday October 13, 2014

10393661_371524966337203_2256020186867571884_nToday we are holding due to the potential for severe weather. A wise old sailor told me ‘don’t leave a secure dock if weather might kick your ass’. The weather is a combination of the left over moisture from Hurricane Simon and a cold front/disturbance coming over the rockies. I hope that the severe thunderstorms will be out of it by the time it gets to us…there will be rain and wind however. The red box does not include us yet but it is getting closer. As I write this the sun is trying to get out but this is the calm before the storm.

I am taking advantage of the lull to complete a little maintenance and get ready to leave and continue our trek south. Just one thing left on the list of things to fix. It is still quite pleasant here at 12:00 ct, nice and warm and you can almost see the sun.

Just communicated with Rick on skype about Tropical Storm soon to be Hurricane Gonzalo and the potential that it might hit the BVI. This is a major concern to Rick as it is the home of Grand Cru and hopefully the summer home for FRACAS. We hope that it will miss the BVI and everyone will be safe.

10629707_371621332994233_498390505168841055_nThey have updated the weather warning for here and we are now in the red zone. Red zone is good for football but not so good for sailing. We will batten down later today.

The worst of the storm system has passed over. We seem to have missed the worst of the wind and the lightning. We did and continue to have heavy rain. I don’t mind rain. It might mean that the rivers will have more water and the anchorages will have sufficient depth for Fracas to sneak in.

Dinner tonight is left over turkey. ’nuff said…I like left overs.

Tomorrow we move on. We have made plans to meet Pete and Judy somewhere on or near Pickwick lake. Looking forward to seeing some folks from the berm.

More later


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