Indiantown Marina to Erie Pennsylvania

Getting the boat ready for the summer is only half the battle. We had our car in Florida allowing us to bring more home. Included in this more brought home;

  • generator and the windlass for sandblasting and painting.
  • The scurvy freezer for further inspection, repair and burial (if required)
  • The outboard for proper servicing and cleaning
  • odds and sods of various origins
  • some summer clothing in the event that it ever warms up in Ontario
  • both Honda generators for servicing (the 1000 works great, the 2000 runs very rough when not under load)
  • The heavy sewing machine
  • etc. etc…

From this manifest you can see that the car is loaded to the roof liner. I can see out through a small opening out one window on the starboard side for lane change (when I remember to look). Our trip from the boat at Indiantown to our house on Manitoulin is just over 1700 miles.

On day one, we had to drop off our boat registration with the Customs and Border people as per Florida law. We had worked Sunday til noon and we were tuckered out. We made it all the way to Melbourne, a distance of 90 miles, only 1610 miles to go.

On Monday we woke up with resolve to cover significantly more miles. We stopped at Charlotte South Carolina. We had covered 543 miles, only 1067 to go.

On Tuesday we wanted to make Erie Pennsylvania, to make our last day home a little shorter. It took us almost 90 minutes to cover the Thalf hour out of Charlotte. We spent 12 hours traveling today. We are in Erie tonight, we covered 567 miles only 500 to go tomorrow.

The only high point of the day was this sign I saw along the way in West Virginia. I thought it would be fun to try this Mexican restaurant. I was surprised to learn that it is a gas bar.


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