We have a lawn!?

Saturday April’s 14th, twenty eighteen

Yesterday while I was working on Fracas and ML was returning the Mangos to their boat this little ‘gator entertained me. He would lay beside the boat near me and then suddenly dart away only to return. I think he was used to getting treats or he was luring me into the water for a little swim together… He was cute. Lots of jungle type sounds and birds here at the marina.

We were scheduled to be lifted at 13:00. A small boat was lifted for a quick repair that took longer than anticipated so we were actually lifted at about 14:00, no biggie. The guys know their business and efficiently lifted 20 tons of fun. The equipment is in good shape here at Indiantown, and I’m happy and content with this facility.

They have a very large storage field here we are able to stay on the boat a couple of days only. We hope to be able to leave sometime tomorrow. When you arrive to work on the boat they will move it and block it up in a more controlled work area down closer to the water. They have realistic environmental practices in place. There is a little upcharge for being there but not outrageous.

Today we have to finish her summer preparations and cover her with the shade cloth. But not before the sun comes up and or I get a cup of coffee in the system. more later

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