Geezer bike gang

Sorry I can’t get the pictures yet, will add a gallery when I can get the pics onto the laptop…it is a long story.

Anyhow, Captain Rick and I managed to get the boat ship shape for our outing on scooters to tour the island and take part in Tourism BVI’s Lobster fest. The idea is to visit at least five of the restaurant bars and sample their best lobster dishes. Each of the samplers cost $12 so we visited the appropriate number of places and then some but we may have scammed some of the necklaces because we are too cheap to pay $12 for samplers…

Our scooters were ok, mine had mirrors without glass and although it worked fine it looked like it had rolled end over end several times…oh well. Rick’s at least had mirrors so he rode behind and honked his horn twice when something was overtaking us.

We have no clue how fast we were going as Rick had no speedometer and mine was stuck at 87 mph (likely the speed of the end over end roll).

Our first stop was the beach at the west end of the island. It was not part of the promotion but was a beautiful beach with one boat anchored inside the reef. Certainly a consideration for a day visit to the beach not sure about overnight.

Our first official stop was ‘Cow Wreck Beach. Cow Wreck beach got its name because of a ship that sank just off shore and the bones washed up on the beach for years following. The interesting fact is that the cows on the ship were already dead. They used the bones to make buttons and stuff. I thought it might be the origin of the feral cows that are all over the place and that also leave the cow poop pylons that added such sport to our scooter outing.

We were the first arrivals and sort of caught them off guard. We had our obligatory Carib and Heineken and waited for the sampler. It was very good. Lobster fritters, Lobster salad on a bun and some other spicy lobster thing.

Cow Wreck beach is a close second to Loblolly in my books and the resort, kitchen and bar was cleaner and the service was stellar.

Back on our trusty steeds and off the ABC resort (Anegada Beach Club) we shared a sampler here and only got one set of blue beads and that was all they would give out. We rectified that later when Rick traded some scintillating repartee for another set of blue beads…we were off.

ABC resort was nice, staff courteous and prompt. The sampler here was Rockefeller, a Lobster Gazpacho and a chocolate covered delight. All amazing. The chef was a guy who looked like mayor Rob Ford…but he made sense.

We jumped on our beasts and had a long run back along the north shore around the west end and down the south side across the island to the north east shore and Loblolly. Beautiful beach but rumour had it that the sampler sucked here so we had a drink, sat on the beach and moved on to..

Flash of Beauty beach…here we seemed to be invisible to everyone except a couple of fellow visitors who we spoke to for a few minutes. Unable to get beads, sustenance or liquor we moved on. The scooter driving was going much better now.

We visited ‘the settlement’ the only ‘town’ on the island but we did not find the great pile of conch shells. We did find the way out of the town and sped back to the main beach at our anchorage to complete our quest for beads.

Our first stop on our beach was Neptune’s treasure but it seemed they were not part of the program. Probably great lobster but no beads.

Then we stopped at ‘Whispering Pines’. Their sampler was a small quarter lobster with some sauces that were amazing. We sampled one and got two sets of beads (against the rules) Great service, nice spot and we recommend this restaurant. You can get a deal if you dicker but don’t embarrass them.  We may have had a rum here.

Just down the road was our final stop. The Lobster Trap. We picked up the final set of beads and shared another sampler. A roasted lobster part with a buttery garlic dip that was more traditional and also very good. At the request of another tourist here the owner captured a coconut and butchered it to get the milk. He then mixed the coconut milk with Canadian Club…He said it was very good. We were beyond drinking the milk of any wild life at this point.

I forgot to mention the moment of terror when I made the turn off the main road turning right fro the left lane into a lane way with other scooters mostly locals coming out. I turned into the Canadian side of the lane and chaos ensued. I screamed a dual high pitched wail something akin to a 5 year old and a banshee. They all screamed to but I made it through. Rick reported that they were all laughing and he managed to pick his way through the melee.

We had a conversation with the bartender here. She was from Jamaica and hoped to someday get to Canada. That plan may be changed by our conversation with her. Everything from snow to North Channel sea monsters…

Ok, we had the beads all we need to do now is return the bikes. The return was not anything like returning a rental in canada. No microscopic scratch analysis here. The original inspection form had a skull and cross bones covering the entire sheet and that status remained.

No charge for damage although they looked surprised that we managed to capture so many beads and could still maneuver although the jumps didn’t go so well.

We turned in the beads at the BVI tourism tent and got our loot bag. Picture to follow.

We had a rum at the bar the multi-coloured one (the name escapes) at the dinghy dock and we ate two cookies and split a banana muffin for dinner.

We played two games of cribbage…I am up two games now.

Rick is mad…our plans for today (Sunday) are unclear. Waiting for weather to clarify.







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