Sunday at Marina Cay

We had a great sail coming from Anegada. The boat performed perfectly. No knots coming undone. No engine failure. The only minor issue we ran out of ice. But that is easily replaced and already in the bag.

The weather was sunny for the crossing and we fished but we didn’t catch anything. We are on Rick’s friends mooring at Marina Cay and dinner will be a low key affair because the only meat on the boat is the rats and wilson and they wont’ do. Pasta with a vegetarian sauce. We could go out for dinner but we pigged out on lobster yesterday with the fest n all.

cribbage_poker_cards-rc655514b683a4dcea4570970e2141697_fsvzl_8byvr_324We have played two games of crib and I am still 2 games up. I was three. I let Rick use my side of the board and he kicked my ass…lesson learned.

I have six sleeps left here and I will begin to get a little OCD about preparations to go home. Already worried about my trip and getting my early flight out. I have the milk run from BVI to Antigua.

I fly from Beef Island the St. Maarten, then to St. Kitts and finally to Antigua 2 hrs and 20 min later. Then a 6 hour lay over and AC to Toronto and Sudbury at 12:30 in the morning Sunday. I don’t usually fly Air Canada I just hope I have six bucks left to get 2 crackers and a piece of cheese for the rats.

Rick is still telling me to leave the airport and explore in Antigua. I have six hours…I could rent a scooter…

First class you ask? No…freight.

A fitting end to Greg’s Day Out. I will do it all in shorts and flip flops…I will flip flop through the friggin snow at the Sudbury airport I swear… Rick has been eyeing up my crocks. I don’t wear those friggin crocks that look like wooden shoes only made from silicone. The flip flops they make are great…mostly flip very quiet flop.

Tomorrow we are on a shopping trip for groceries and things for the boat. It is hard to find stuff here, Roadtown has the best selection but it isn’t economical anywhere here in the islands. You can buy stuff cheap online but it costs so much for freight. Note: make sure your vessels are pimped out as best you can with sufficient spares on board.

I think my tattoo is infected, you shouldn’t get a tattoo just because you rent a scooter for the day. It seemed appropriate at the time. Rick’s seems ok though…his tattoo artist at least washed his hands.

It will be much quieter here. The wind is finally down to 5 to 10 and the harbour is protected by a big reef to weather.

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