anegada-lobster-fest-web2Anegada is the second largest of the British Virgin Islands but is very different. It is made up of sand and coral. The other islands are volcanic and relatively mountainous. Anegada  is low, 28 feet being the highest point of land. It is part of the horseshoe reef which is the largest reef in the Caribbean and the fourth largest on earth. There are miles of beautiful beaches and reasonable roads to explore the island.

There are about 200 permanent residents on Anegada and the live in the community called ‘the Settlement’. In the height of the tourist season the population will at least double with charter and private boats and those who come to visit Anegada by ferry. We are in a relatively quiet time here, last night we shared the harbour with a handful of boats but the prior night there were 20 or so.

The locals work in tourism or commercial fisheries. The majority of the lobster consumed in the BVI comes from here. Some of the other fish but not as much as in years past. Conch have been eliminated from the waters near the settlement and the beach is covered with thousands of old conch shells.

On our scooter tour today we will likely encounter feral cows, goats and hopefully some donkeys. None of which are on the menu for today. It is lobsterfest and we hope to have a lobster sampler

Rick’s selection

lunch at one of the beaches today…unless there is a tragic scooter problem with this left side driving stuff.

We have reserved scooters from Anjuliena’s scooter rentals. The name is from the couples daughter who proudly pointed to the sign over the door when Rick asked what her name was.

I’m sure the day will be fruitful with fodder for the blog.

The weather is pretty much the same as yesterday – solid 15 knots from the east, rises to 25 with rain squalls and 30 in gusts. We have two hooks well set and we are alone out here so the ride is OK. Rick is

Greg’s scooter for the Anegada outing

still asleep, I think he paced some last night during the squalls. I don’t know how much coffee to put in the friggin french press, but I am about to wing it.



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