Election Day! 06:45

Tuesday November 08, 2016

It is election day and I am happy to report that the sun did in fact come up. We still have to worry about what will happen tomorrow. I will be able to report on that around this time tomorrow. There is al lot of talk about what will happen to the Mexican and Canadian Pesos should Trump win. Another train is going by, not sure if it is the trump train or not.

I have discovered that we (here  in the boat yard) are in the 18th congressional district. Our choices for congress are Randy Perkins (on Hillary’s team) and Brian Mast who is on the Trump train. One of them is a liar and made money off the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the other lives in a 700,000 square foot house worth 4,000 and he is also a liar.  It seems like we have to choose who is the most convincing liar to vote for…

rabid-squirrelI have been asking around the yard “where do Canadians go to vote?” I have received several rather colorful colourful responses, none of which seem to be close enough for us to actually vote. Their suggestions were offered easily but I sensed they lacked sincerity.

More than once I have heard “we have to hold our nose and vote against one of them”.

On a more important note: An 85 year old lady in Volusia County was attacked and knocked down by a squirrel. The lady broke her wrist in the exchange. The squirrel was dispatched by a passer by with his trusty pellet rifle. The squirrel’s political affiliation could not be determined so rabies are being considered. 


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