Daylight Savings Time

Monday November 7, 2016

We are in Florida and back at and on Fracas. She looks pretty good without any obvious damage due to the storm. Tim (Riverside Marina guy) reports that they had winds of over 100 mph and the roof of his house was humming. We are missing one piece of pvc tubing that is likely in the Bahamas but otherwise she is ready to go.

Yesterday we bumped into Bill Hibbard ( Tack Too ) wandering around near Fracas. He was happy to see more people he knew and said John Rilett is next to your boat… I took another look and sure enough John and his wife are our immediate port side neighbours. John has another boat here, the boat he raced in the MacMan ‘Molliket’ was shipped to B.C. for his son.

Bill Hibbard is here sailing with his son.  They were launched a few days before we arrived and are anchored out by one of the bridges. They invited us to join them for dinner last night but I was covered in paint and dirt from my day crawling around under the boat.

We are blocked in by four or five boats both forwards and back. Tim suggests that they might get to us by Tuesday…I’m not so sure. We stayed on Fracas two nights but I needed a proper shower so we are back in the hotel for one night.

Yesterday was an interesting day in the yard.  This marina has a fence, gate and police. At least yesterday there were police, lots of police and a helicopter. The helicopter did circles over the marina and Fracas in particular. I asked around and it seemed the police were searching for a criminal person somewhere in the bush and swamp near and around the marina.  From then whenever I met someone I didn’t know I scrutinized and tried to tell if they were WANTED.  As I did this scrutinizing I felt that they were doing the same to me.

I did talk to the cops at the gate and asked them to keep an eye out for the Christmas lady since they were there. It is possible that she is here in the United States and I was thinking of her since the season is approaching…

I guess they caught the guy or they lost interest in our marina…they all took off.

more later



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