Day two: 09:10 Back in winter

It is somewhat humbling and strange but my blog has received over 10,000 hits in the last 30 days. Almost 1000 hits in the past twenty four hours and the hits come from almost 500 different computers. Now that I know that I will have to pay more attention to my grammar. For some of my readers an explanation is required; my grammar and grandpars are deceased.

I was contacted by another blogger who wants to use one of my pictures on his blog; beachbarbums

The particular picture is shown here and he obviously was impressed with our day there and that is where I got my black eye. You might remember our hosts; Chris and Bonkey.

2014-02-16 10-14-06 - _MG_8038I can report that all remnants of my black eye are gone. I managed to pass through purple, yellow and green without a whole lot of explanations. I expect that I am not the first Caribbean tourist or live aboard to get a black eye from any source.

Rod’s pictures of his snowshoe outings had me wanting to get my snowshoes out and take a loop around the shore. Yesterday I got as far as the shed door and ran back to the house. Today I will get the snowshoes and park them at the front door. Tomorrow I may try to put them on…you get the idea. Perhaps by Saturday i will be able to actually snowshoe.

I did go to the hospital yesterday to visit my dad (he’s doing pretty well). I also stopped in to see Mary Lynn who still has to go to work. She only has a few months to go until she can join me in the great mass of unemployed old people… I can’t wait until both of us can assume our role as a burden to our children. Michael has considered me a burden since he learned to speak so the transition will be easier for me.

I did gain some weight while in the Caribbean. I am signed in and reporting my caloric intake to my Ipad app Loseit. I am on a 1700 calorie budget. I had my typical caribbean breakfast and I have 150 calories for the rest of the day. Ozy (my Australian shepherd) gets very upset when I am dieting and she gets very protective of her food bowl… The toughest part is that there are calories in rum. I’m sure that they are good calories and that rum is part of some food group from the Caribbean food guide. I prefer to follow that guide rather than the Canada Food guide were the portions continue to get smaller and you eat what ‘food’ should eat.

I may shovel a path to the hot tub and try to convince myself I am some where else. It doesn’t work though, when your hair freezes and the ice cubes in your mojito get bigger.

Starting tomorrow I will begin a travel report and do some more detail about the ports of call and anchorages we visited while on our recent trip.


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