Day one: 7:45 Back in Winter

snow at home
It doesn’t look like 12 feet but notice the clothesline

When I look out the south window of the granny flat bedroom I see snow. You are thinking…it’s winter what do you expect. But no matter what direction I look including up I only see snow. There is a drift out there that is at least 12 feet tall. This winter has to go.

I’ve had one sleep at home and I’m back in my life; my car won’t start, my dad’s in the hospital and I have to add pellets to the wood stove. Just a couple of days ago I would be drinking coffee and sitting in the cockpit just out of the sun but in the heat.

Mike had to snow blow a path over to the tree where Ozy harasses the squirrel(s). We have our outside thermometer on a tree and the snow is over the thermometer. Perhaps that is a good thing…out of sight out of mind.

I had to go outside and put air in one of Mary Lynn’s tires…I had to dress up in everything I own. The best of all, my rabbit fur hat. Sorry this is not a faux fur it is the real thing. For those of you who are faux fur folks I’m relatively certain that no bunnies were terminated to make my hat…tiny hair plugs were removed from thousands of rabbits…

I’m certain that just before the last ice age a couple of those cave folks were sitting around grunting and sipping their lattes chatting up about how cold it was and how long the winter is and then there was no summer…The Ice Age was upon them. Luckily it didn’t extend to the Caribbean. I expect we had pretty good winter olympic team back then?

Nobody picked up the mail during the month we were away! Now I have to go in and get the box of mail and the lecture from the postal Nazis. If they give me a hard time I will take all the mail outside and dump it back in the mailbox and they can deal with it again.



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