Day two: 17:03 Back in Winter

I’m happy to report that it has warmed up a bit here since we got back. Not shirt sleeve weather but not -20 either…it’s -9c. It is also snowing lightly in kind of a pretty way. Those of you in the south stay there until I tell you to come back. The Great Lakes are approaching record ice cover.We are presently at 90.5% and the record since they kept the data was 94.7 in 1979. On one hand that means one bad ass winter on the other that means that there will be less water loss to evaporation. I could also mean that there is a reduction in lake effect snow in the watershed that would also affect the lake level. Lake levels are holding up quite nicely as the average is holding at about -0.1m below datum.

For those of you who fish the added ice cover also helps fish reproduction because ice cover over spawning areas helps to stabilize the eggs and may lead to a good year class of fish, improving fishing in a few years.

canada_snowshoes1I got the snowshoes out and did 30 minutes in medium snow with my poles. I told you I started my diet again and I need to make room on my calorie count for my one shot of rum. 30 minutes of snowshoeing in snow with poles at my age and weight = -400 calories. Snowshoeing was made more difficult as I was doing it in my flip flops. I will add to this later after having my atta boy rum.

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