Day twenty four: 06:30 Peter Island

Good morning everyone. I get closer to coming home to winter and as usual I am up earlier and starting to get OCD about travel. By tomorrow morning I will be a total nutbar and we will be first in line everywhere such is my life.

Linda, believe it or not we found the canned chicken on Jost Van Dyke island in the little grocery store at the end of the beach. The chicken was very good and could be used as you would well know in a lot of ways. It was in fact the Costco version! You could easily eat fairly well from cans and dry goods if refrigeration fails. Linda mentions that there is a bacon Spam…? BAM. Can’t beat meat candy.

Tell Marc to search out a computer store to find 12 volt fans. Usually much cheaper there…look to the amperage to get a sense of how much air they will push. Remind him of the rule…find it and buy two.

Today will be our last sail and last night aboard the Grand Cru. It has been a great vacation and precursor to our bringing Fracas to the south. I do regret that we will be exposing the old girl (Fracas) to salt and sun but we will make preparations to mitigate the effects. One good idea is to carry a weed sprayer with fresh water or captured rain water. This provides a fine spray of fresh water…controlling the output and giving a little rinse with ease. Where do you keep the weed sprayer…that’s your problem.

As promised when we get back to Fat Hog Bay we will have a better internet connection and I will update further with some pictures and perhaps video that we have been working on.

I hope the snow is melting.

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