Day twenty four: 15:55 Penn’s Landing

all terrain
I hate to come back North to a place where this is even possible!

We had a nice sail again on the beam from Peter Island to Penn’s Landing at Fat Hog’s Bay. Penn’s Landing marina…Rick’s semi home base.

We heard from the Osprey…they arrived in Anegada a couple of days late to be involved in our Scooter extravaganza but that is life. I hope they made it to at least one of the beaches.

We are at anchor enjoying John Williams guitar on the new Bose mini very nice sound for a small unit. Our final day has been through planning and several meetings (aka dictatorship). We are having some steaks ala Rick and all the trimmings tbd. For breakfast (our last meal) we are having a Prosecco breakfast extraordinaire in honour of the Osprey and her crew. I do not have to drive the ferry (this time ( I have piloted the Mackinac Island Ferry )).

Rick will perform his breakfast (no other way to describe it) the only decision you have to vary the menu is how many dots of ketchup you can have. Tomorrow is 14 dots and I’m looking forward to it. We tried to call the ferry company to confirm our sailing times…there was no answer. I’m sure there is an explanation but we will have to go that much earlier to ensure we get a ride.

More later…

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