Day twenty three: 17:35 Peter Island – Great Harbour

I can see how you might be confused with the name of this place. It is an OK harbour named ‘Great Harbour’.

The women came back from the resort and are in the cockpit painting toes. I guess the correct term is painting toe nails…which lead to a discussion about who would do pedicures while we are at sea…JEEZUZ/TABERNAK

Tonight by way of experiment we are eating some high quality chicken from a can. This experiment is just in case you are at sea and refrigeration fails (DEVOCEAN) and you have to eat from cans or fish. So far it smells like food. I think I can eat this stuff…Rick made me eat goat and astronauts eat food from toothpaste tubes…I will let you know how it turns out.

The internet her sucks so you have to wait til tomorrow for the next round of pictures and videos. We are making a video for Rick and Louise’s grandkids. We are shooting the granny sections now and we are having a hoot.

I hope you all are curling, snowshoeing, ice fishing and all that because next Monday winter is over. If you see a person downtown Little Current dressed in a down parka, scarf, mitts, balaclava it will be me getting used to winter. 

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