Day twelve: Wednesday August 27

Catching up is a bitch…I will try to keep the blog up even if I can’t find internet to publish. I can’t remember lunch yesterday and I have to remember all the sordid details of our travels. That coupled with the trauma of having a bat infestation and a washing machine have me off my game.

I am a lighthouse guy. I just like them. Back in the days when sailors were really sailors and had to use their compass, clocks, rulers, charts and those sharp spreading things lighthouses were your friends. Now we can only imagine what it was like for some lighthouse keepers and their families to man these facilities in the wildest weather and remote locations.

The weather is reported to be good so we will make this a big day. We will do more than 70 nautical miles. That is a long day. Our target is Ludington Michigan and an anchorage for the night. Active Captain suggests one that looks good for this weather.

We are having an intermittent glitch with the autopilot. It drops out at random and odd times. Likely a loose connection or something like that. Some days it works all day. It always works again for a short or long time as soon as it is rebooted???? I will call the wizards at Garmin….

We arrived at Ludington in good after traveling over 70 nautical miles for the day. I was tired. We decided to try the anchorage recommended by Active Captain. We anchored in thirty feet in a nice bay. The entire lake inside Ludington was full of fishermen and their boats. Fishermen, women, children and dogs were down rigging and trolling for salmon we have to assume. An hour after anchoring I could count 40 fishing boats in sight. They continued fishing until well after dark and they came awfully close to us. I guess you go were the fish are. I was marking fish at 22 feet under the boat. In the morning we were awoken by more fishermen. They said they were attracted by the smell of bacon and coffee. They were fishing within 20 feet of the boat regularly.

We are directly across from the place were they make the calcium chloride that they have across the bridge in Little Current. The barge and tug we often see were in harbor (Zeus).  Our destination for today is uncertain.

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