Day XII: Thursday August 28

Ludington to Muskegon

Ok, Ok, the numbering of the posts is out of control. Today the correct day for the outing is Day 12 or in Roman Numerals XII. I don’t know when I lost a day and it is not the first time that has happened. I am probably the only person reading this blog that even noticed that a day was missing.

The day from Ludington to Muskegon was  a mix of motoring and sailing and motor sailing. There were several marinas available to us in Muskegon but the one that looked most promising was another 2 plus miles in and out. So we chose another active captain anchorage tucked up in a corner hopefully out of the south winds advertised.

On the way into the harbor we passed a submarine. This would be cool if we were in a submarine race but old silversides was at mooring as part of a museum thingy here in Muskegon. We were anchored in a shallow bay exposed to the south east with as mentioned south winds advertised. In the morning the winds were south east and a little bouncy but we held well.

We discussed going further inland to a marina…in the end we decided to leave quickly in the morning Friday and make 10 more miles and go into Grand Haven. Grand Haven has more available to do and see if we are going to be storm stayed for a day.


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