Day eleven: Tuesday August 26, 2014

We left Charlevoix Michigan on Tuesday morning and Tuesday should be day 10 but I lost track somewhere. There will be a one day correction coming soon.

We left Charlevoix with another boat, the C&C 110 Aquila 2. We managed to keep her behind us until the wind increased enough that I could shut the engine off. We had Fracas under full sail and tweaking her in light air under full sail is a busy time. I finally got her close to trim and gave up. It was around that time that the invasive species event occurred. We were infested with a bat. A flying rodent that drove my imaginary friends and crew below deck safely behind screens armed with brooms and the electric bug tennis racket. I said “What about me?” I was then given my own broom. I secretly wanted the electric tennis racket.

The rabid varmint kept flying off and circling back to hang upside down on something new each time. I was contemplating getting out the bear spray when I started to warm to the little fellow. I assume it was a fellow JEEZUZ notwithstanding how would we tell, they are blind how do they tell? I momentarily got past the rabies ((no frothing at the mouth) other than Woody)). I started to wonder how he would find shore if he did fly off. His albeit rabid radar would not likely find anything to fly to. Then he was gone. I did not see him fly off but Mary Lynn came back on deck assuming so. With bats you can never be sure though.

The closer we got to South Manitou the more the wind died. Soon we were motoring and choosing our anchor location for the night. Active Captain assured us that as long as there was no wind from the East or East variants we would be safe. The advertised wind was light and North so we should be good. The anchor set quickly and firmly. I am using a 45 pound kellet to improve the anchor efficiency and it seems to help. We woke up in the morning and the wind was Easterly but light and no issue.





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