Day ten: 18:28 Watermelon Cay – Leinster Bay

I nearly friggin drowned. We had just left the boat and snorkeling with a mustache is a pain in the ass. I bought the mask I use at Soper’s Hole a few years back and it worked fairly well. I had to do some careful trimming to allow for a seal around my nose. Well all that is failing or the silicon material is breaking down or something. I could swim for a minute or two and the water starts to build in the mask. I made the mistake of pushing the mask on my face with the water inside. After several broken noses from my hockey daze I had surgery to straighten my nose and open windows into my sinus. Well, the push sent the salt water up the nose into the sinuses into my lungs…coughin and snortin I almost lost the friggin mask (Mike would have a fit because it is a good one). Everything that had been stored in my head came out and I had a panoramic view in my mask.snorkel

I peeled the stuff off my head and swam on my back…back to the boat with my nose running like a Kenyan on speed. I had given myself a neti t pot thing up the old schnoz. My nose ran for at least an hour…we got one conch and some small crustaceans. I’m still not quite right. I have had three goslings and I think I’m still fluid deficient.

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