Day eleven: 06:40 Watermelon Cay, St. John USVI

I am still suffering some aftereffects from the nose enema I received yesterday while snorkeling. The odd thing is I can remember a lot of stuff I have forgotten over the years and the wind whistles the finish national anthem up my nose… I can report that at least the sap has ceased running.

The Euchre tournament has taken a turn for the worst. We are now at 8 for the women and 7 games for the men. Last night Louise was so friggin lucky we made her pee in a cup and we sent it out for testing. They are poor winners. We played less than stellar with rotten cards.

I forgot to mention that the gas dock operator in Cruz Bay, a rather large fellow with at least 30 pounds of gold around his neck took me aside and whispered for $20 I will tell you where the Christmas Lady is… Holy crap, international intrigue. I was a little reluctant to pay as that amount is 1.5 bottles of Goslings and he was unable to provide proof of life. I can see why you wouldn’t carry a photo… This guy was a very efficient as a marine operator though and had us directed around and out of there very quickly.

Accidentally we were in a girlie bar and the pole was very significantly bent. I fear she has been forced into seedy work to survive. We will get back to Virgin Gorda our last week on the boat and I will re-visit the scene of the crime and we still have to get up the mountain and have lunch at hog heaven.

christmas lady
Christmas lady in pink
Christmas lady at table with her friend and her faithful dog Clawd in the foreground

More later

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