Day ten: 14:20 Leinster Bay, Watermelon Cay – snorkeling extraordinaire

We are at the bay where I saw the peacock flounder. Not a bird in trouble but a fish. It is a very cool fish that looks like it has been run over by a semi. It can change colours to adapt to the environment. More later when we have actually snorkeled.

We left Coral Bay and had to motor upwind around the corner followed by a beam and downwind sail for a couple of hours to get to this great spot. We are back in the park where the mooring balls are only $15 per night and are well maintained. We have not hit a full harbour yet this trip. The boat is performing very well so far much better than the crew.

The oven has been successfully cleaned and all  trace of my smokey cooking has been removed. We are fully stocked with Pepsi mix and I am alternating between diet and regular pepsi to avoid being poisoned by Aspartame (we are not sponsored by aspartame this trip). We should be sponsored by Goslings as we ( I ) have made quite a dent in the ships stores.

I will add pictures and stuff later

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