Day ten: 06:55 Coral Bay – planned move to Leinster Bay USVI

coral bay
Coral Bay from above the village

Getting free internet or any internet continues to be a challenge. Although lunch was good at skinny legs they do not share their internet with their customers. They have an old style internet cafe but you have to use their machine and I suspect drink coffee. I wasn’t going in there…besides the woman was a little scary. We did run into John and Donelda (from Penn’s landing) who had walked over from Leinster Bay. This little walk is about an hour and ten minutes and is very uphill and down over the 300 meter hills.

The photos I managed to upload yesterday will have to remain in disorder and without caption until we get a better signal. We should be able to do that once we get to Jost Van Dyke, Great Harbour when we return to the BVI on Thursday. We are running out of water.

It was a rocky night while the boat hobby horsed in the swells. It was fine while the wind blew but it subsided and the boat got a bit contrary to the swells. I could sleep fine but it sometimes affects Louise and she gets cranky and when she is cranky she gets better at cards!

Last night I made dinner….chicken pot pie. We did not have an acceptable pot, neither large or thick enough to do the deed. So of course it overflowed into the oven and will lead to a bit of a clean up this morning. They all had two plate fulls. One plate full was enough for me as I had to watch the carnage in the oven. The smoke eventually cleared and we did not play cards last night.

We have to do a garbage run this morning and get some ice then we will move 6 nautical miles around the corner to Leinster Bay and Watermelon Cay for some snorkeling. Hopefully more later.

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