Day seven: 07:25 Francis Bay

Villa Carlota – You can look it up on the Googlizer and it will tell you it is a great house for rent up in the hills overlooking Peter Bay just west of us here in Francis Bay. It rents for a measly 3 to 4 K per day. We hvilla carlotaave been able to…lets call it tap into their internet and communicate with the world. We also get to Googlize things that come up and resolve arguments with Louise. Just picture me in my Geezer speedo ((not what you are picturing in your mind) actually a pair of age appropriate baggy shorts with ‘SPEEDO’ on them) and pound on the door and say “what is up with your internet”. I can get internet for a few seconds every now and then but not to properly google or post pictures. And there are several arguments awaiting resolution by the source of knowledge and wonderment ‘wikipedia’. There is enough rum to get me up the hill to the door but they have guns over here in the U.S. and running downhill dodging a hail of bullets might ruin my day. So I will plug on until we leave this beautiful spot.

After the snorkel yesterday we returned to the ship for cocktails and while Rick was standing in the aft shitter he spotted dolphins. No, out the porthole!! A nice pair of dolphins did a swim past and I did get a couple of pictures of their dorsal fins and all the whistling and clapping wouldn’t turn them.  I am pretty lucky to bring wildlife to and near the boat.

Dinner was a dish Louise likes to call ‘a dish’. It involved; chick peas, rice, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and maybe zucchini. Oh and spices. There has been a debate on the boat about Rick’s spice inventory. Louise’s position is that the spices will all be defective if they are left stored for the summer on this hot boat. Rick’s position is that they are fine and they (the spices) are his friends and he will not willingly part with them. The issue is muddied by his acquisition of some of the spices. When people leave their boats in the yard you have to get rid of all the food on board. For some this involves the spices. Rick is still there and he accepts all the left over food from these other boaters. Are you beginning to see the mud? Last I heard Rick told Louise to throw them all overboard.

I am going to have a contest (in lieu of googling) on who is right. Can the spices be stored for long periods of time? Can spices survive in temperatures well over 100? Please let us know what you think. I will post this challenge on Facebook as well. I think as long as they are still smelly and tasty. If they are still green (provided they were green to begin with) and or red…you get the idea. Spices in the olden olden days spent weeks and months in the hot bilges of ocean vessels whats different on Grand Cru.

Oh ya, the men rebounded last night and took two games. Score now men 5 women 4. I had two successful lone hands.

The women cheat. Perhaps not all women but our women. Last night Mary Lynn turned a club, then Louise ordered her up. I don’t always pay attention so I asked what was trump? Louise says spades. Rick obviously doesn’t pay attention either. We played two tricks until Mary Lynn snorted and had to blurt out what Louise had done. How long has this been going on. They are taking advantage of the fact that we don’t pay attention. I suspect this goes on all the time. Women have us on a need to know basis. We are on to them and will try to pay attention tonight.

I am able to get snips of news and it seems the ugly side of Figure Skating (the adults) has floated to the top again with a conspiracy to screw the Canadians out of medals. My rule “don’t trust any figure skating official in a fur coat” it is likely real fur and still alive.

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