Day six: 5:16 Francis Bay

The new refrigeration unit came with the opposite quick connectors to the existing. This meant that we were unable to put in the new or change the fittings as we would have lost the pre-charge in the unit.  So we need to run with the fridge/freezer and ice.

So, we had to go to shore at Maho Beach and climb the aforementioned 9000 stairs to the store at the top. Imagine our surprise when at the bottom of the stairs we find that the place has been closed and posted for no-trespassing. Ice is vital for maintaining food temperatures and especially for adorning drinks. In order for us to get ice we have to go by dinghy 2 miles over to Cinnamon Bay where there is another store and hopefully there is Ice. Four people, 8 horsepower, downwind and two miles. The downwind trip was OK took a while…no chance of planing on this run. We make it to the shore and successfully get ice, eggs and some Pringles. I don’t know where they get the perfect potatoes to make these chips. Do they throw away the potato parts that are not shaped like a pringle. OMG I just looked at the ingredients… there are less scary things in paint. But they are still yummy and I am crunching a few as I write.

Then we went snorkeling along Maho Beach and around the corner. We saw: 1 green turtle (that entertained Rick for almost 15 minutes), a small barracuda, a ray, blue tang, schoolmasters, gray snappers, long spine black urchins, gray angelfish, porcupine-fish, trunkfish, red fish, blue fish…well you get the idea it was a good snorkel. Rick says it was one of the top three for him because he swam and fondled the turtle.

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