Day eight: 06:50 Francis Bay – Moving for provisioning then somewhere else…

I think I have been poisoned! We are operating on a small portable frig/freezer and it took us a couple of days to get it running at a set point that kept the food at the appropriate 40f or less. We have to be careful what we keep and what we eat.  I don’t want to be indelicate…I don’t feel well.

Of course you are all thinking “a hardened rum drinker would jump to that first”, once the captain gets up we will confirm some things as he shared in the questionable item.

The tranquility and peace of this spot has overtaken me/us. Normally I am go go go but this is a beautiful anchorage. The only downside as mentioned is the closing of the campsite and store. No ice (even if you had to climb all those friggin stairs).

I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and I was reminded of a saying of my grandparents “all mops and brooms” = hair from hell. Sparks came off the brush when I tried to get it under control. This morning as most mornings I am ugly as a boiled boot. (to use another grandparent expression)

Rick did the stainless yesterday and I tightened the alternator belt. It was quite loose. Rick is worried about his water pump and if the belt is too tight it might prematurely wear the bearings. But the belt has to be adequately tight to do the job or it will slip and the belt will go. No we are getting proper amps when the engine runs.

The Captain is up and the engine is going so I am assuming we will soon be underway to get stuff and ice.


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