Day nine: 06:45 Lameshur Bay, St. John, USVI

Yesterday we left Francis Bay early in the morning and made our way to Cruz Bay for provisioning. We were able to get anchored right in the basin near the service and dinghy dock. Rick and I went to the service dock for a couple of cans of diesel, dinghy gas and a couple of cans of water. It was reasonably priced for fuel on the water in the Caribbean. The second trip in was yours truly and the ladies on a provisioning trip to the store on the hill.

We were able to get everything on our lists with the exceptions of mix for the rum. Pepsi is not in existence here at all and Coke was forgotten. There is only rum on the boat as we speak…today we hope to go into Coral Bay and have lunch at Skinny Legs and acquire the missing provisions.

We sailed from Cruz Bay to Lameshur under main and genoa. A good sail hitting 7’s here and there. Lots of fish pots as we were leaving Cruz Bay but we missed them so far. There are 15 mooring balls in the larger bay and about 6 in the smaller bay. The smaller bay here has a nice beach. Good snorkelling here and this is where I came face to snout with a bull shark a couple of years ago.

The Skipper, Mary Lynn and I went to shore at the dock at the VIERS (Virgin Islands Environmental Research Station) and up some trails to the museum related to the tektite project in the 60’s and 70’s. This project had aquanauts living under water for long durations. This research was related to the space program and long term living in a foreign environment. It was kind of cool. Utilizing the old bunk houses a hippie camping sort of place is operating. You can rent these cabins and live in the trees?

We made the short run over to Coral Bay (the home of the liverboards). We anchored way out but seem to have a good hook and a pretty good ride.

We are back on the boat after acquiring mix and having a great lunch at Skinny Legs Restaurant. Pretty good burger and very busy place.

Just learned via facebook that the Fauberts went to mexico to get propane. I hope we have enough propane so that we can stay in the Caribbean.

RULE #34, Wayward Sailor’s Combine Local 345, Section 4, Subsection 3 paragraph 14 : YOU MUST FILL UP TANKS WHEN YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY…PRICE DOESN’T MEAN MUCH WHEN YOU ARE EMPTY

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