Day eight: Charlevoix

When I got up this morning at 06:00 it was a nice day…no fog. By the time I had prepared FRACAS for the days work the fog had returned with a vengeance. I grow weary of this fog. The electronics are great but it takes a lot out of you to go forth based on the image on a screen.

We passed under the Mackinaw bridge, or at least that’s what the Garminizer told me we did. We could see cars up through the grated roadbed as we passed directly under. Then the bridge disappeared again. We went on for about a half an hour until we could see about .25 miles and that went on for an hour or two. As we made the turn at Gray Reef the sun came out and we could see all the horrors around us in full colour (or is it color (now that I’m in the States)) Tabernac.

I’m never sure how far you go with dropping the u out of everything here in the States. At home it is pretty clear what ‘F U’ means. The Americanized ‘F’ just doesn’t do it. I will continue to use my u’s until someone from Homeland Secrty tells me I sholdn’t anymore. See how silly it is.

The channel off Lake Michigan into Charlevoix is a narrow and intimidating piece of work. There is a substantial current which helped me kill time until the lift bridge was scheduled to open and get out of our way. Then we popped into Round Lake using our 2007 cruising guide and were blown away by the changes to the place from the picture we had studied all day.  I have begun to Googlize our future stops to see if they resemble in anyway the guide we have. We were a tad early to the bridge…remember my OCD about schedules and being on time. Of course we were early with a boat that will not back up without bribery and threats of harm. Luckily the Beaver Island Ferry was leaving and the bridge jumped the gun in their favour favor favour and we squeezed through. The green paint from the ferry will buff of FRACAS I’m sure.

The code for the washrooms is…no I shouldn’t do that.

We are likely on a layover day here tomorrow. I don’t like what I see in the weather and the wind will be 20 on the nose and we have a hike to do for the next leg. We might go out to the islands to shorten the day but it depends on the weather and my review of it in the morning.

I am watching Crossed bones a pirate TV series with John Malkovich. Only NBC could do a series about Blackbeard and portray him as a bald gray bearded psychopath. I will have to re watch the episode again as I dozed off and when I woke up they were drilling a hole in Blackbeard’s head…there must be a good reason for that. Don’t tell me.

Anyhow it is one hour beyond boater midnight and it was a big day.



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