Day seven: August 23 – Mackinaw City

Today we went to Mackinac Island in the fog. Roda Lee was to leave for Charlevoix this morning but thought better of it when he couldn’t see the bow of his boat this morning. It appears tonight that we might be done with the fog.

I’m not a horse person. If there were no cars, bikes or wheelbarrows I would likely rethink my position. Cowboys carried guns because they rode horses. If my car sputtered, farted and pooped like Wayne and Wanda and the M and M team (I’ve forgotten their names and Woody (who wrote at least one of their names down) is over with the gulls).  The ride was pleasant enough and the drivers or horse commanders whatever the hell they are did a reasonable job entertaining us with their banter and history.

On boat matters, we have most of the crap on board jammed or at least out of site. I completed the new cupboard at the head of the bed. It is large and quite nice and full of Mary Lynn’s stuff. I added a USB charger to our cabin and we can charge our Ipad while we watch TV shows and movies.

I hope that we can get the boat sailing properly tomorrow in some wind and some air that you can see through. I’m tired of fog.

The town is full of Corvettes. They had a parade tonight trapping us on one side of the street for a long, long time. Mostly new ones and an early one but it was too nice I think it was a reproduction, judging by the co-pilot. Corvette Show

More as we live it…

Some pictures from our day on Mackinac.

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