Day three at Cockburn Island – Robinson Bay

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Some places have names that have historic meaning. Some are named to honour someone’s contribution to this small blue planet. Cockburn Island leaves me wondering. Perhaps an STI of historic consequence? Perhaps…cuff said.
We are presently hiding out from squally weather, south east winds and rain. Lots of rain.
Robinson Bay is wide open to the North but reasonably protected to the other directions. We are hoping this wind does not shift beyond east. The chart indicates a sand bottom and the anchor bit like a rabid smallmouth bass.
I am presently waiting for a call back from the U.S. CBP regarding our cruising license. We were hoping to check in tomorrow at Drummond and do and pick up all our paper work. There seems to be some confusion however and the officer is to call me back with news soon.
As admirals will do from time to time Mary Lynn is making banana muffins. The bananas have turned on us and the only suitable punishment is…well muffins.
The wind has dropped a bit to 10 to 15. I hope that it stays down so I can get some sleep between deck watches. We are going to anchor out more than we normally do. One night at a dock equals 2 or 3 bottles of rum depending on the price of the dock and the quality of the rum. It seems such a travesty and I would rather swing on a hook and drink rum.
More later…why hasn’t that CBP officer called?

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