CXXII – Cortez fishing village

Tuesday December 16th, 2014
My laptop has crapped out again. Apparently the moisture must have gotten into the memory slots. We removed one stick of memory and it worked again, not anymore.
We left Dunedin and Marker One Marina on Sunday. We were helped off the dock by Jim and Jeff, two Canadians on the Loop. We topped up with fuel and should be good until we set off for the Bahamas.
Sometimes inertia kicks in and it is tough to move after you have been in a marina for a few days. We wanted to get moving and get off the dock. The weather was the best we have seen yet in Florida and we were going to use it. However, after travelling for less than an hour an anchorage was near that we wanted to look at and we took it. We had only travelled 6 nm at that point but at least we were off the dock.
On Monday morning we decided to get south of Tampa Bay somewhere. We left at the respectable time of 9am and we stayed inside in the ICW as there was and is no wind. More to see on the inside if you have to motor. Does not look like wind today either.
About a half hour after we arrived the crows began to congregate over at the Coast Guard station and the Fish Plant. I don’t mean a few crows I mean Alfred Hitchcock X 10 crows. They seem to love roasting on sailboats. I spent almost an hour on deck hissing at them when they approached and that worked until my hisser dried out. Then I got a can of compressed air to help me. We kept Fracas clear while others in the area were festooned with crows. We have been travelling off and on with Crows but not like this. Deck cleaning this morning will be daunting…
We are awake to fog again this morning. It is forecasted to depart in a couple of hours and leave behind a beautiful day much like yesterday. Not sure where we are heading. We are booked into Burnt Store Marina on Thursday and I don’t want to miss anything on the way south.

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