CXX – Dunedin Departure

Sunday December 14th, 2014

Yesterday’s itinerary included walking into Dunedin to watch the Christmas parade. Moses went on a short walk in John’s mind. You may remember our trek in Fairhope! Grant from crows will concur with me on the long walks… Luckily Jim and Mimi offered their bikes. Thank you to the folks from Perfect Balance…you saved the day.

Obviously a look of effort went into this event. I looked forward to the snow. They promised snow and sleigh rides and I paid my two bits and I wanted snow. We saw what looked like ramps being built at the end of one street…the sleigh rides…aha. We discovered a machine, motor driven ice grinder to make snow. Like shotcrete they hosed the ramps and made Florida pseudo-snow.  We did not have time to watch the kids slide but it was a low slope and did not maintain my interest. I saw ‘snow’ but not a snow storm.

The parade was scheduled to begin at 4:00. It actually began at 4:15. It was a big and long parade. Ninety minutes of parade. The parade started with a fire vehicle (I can’t remember if it was a fire truck or a fire engine) and the parade ended with Santa riding the same truck. The parade folks were throwing candies and beads. I was struck several times and John was nearly knocked off his feet by a heavy strand of beads in the face. Luckily he had his glasses on. The look on his face was priceless and worth the long wait. We biked back in the dark and made it back safely, frozen but safe.

As we are leaving today Karen hosted us on Mango and we celebrated John’s birthday. Thanks for having us over and Happy Birthday John. Did I thank Jim and Mimi for the bikes…. John and Karen are heading back to

The snowstorm did occur. Some fake snow dispenser high over the street began spewing a plastic snow facsimile. The only way to make snowballs with this stuff was with a blow torch. When you have no snow this looked like snow, sort of.

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