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Burnt Store Marina, Friday January 9th, 2015

Weather window?
Weather window?

I have been watching the weather with keen interest. We are quite content, complacent and comfortable here in the marina. We need to move on soon, get er done, and get to the Bahamas. We need a weather window to cross from Florida to the Bahamas and all I can see is cold front after cold front. Crossing the gulf stream is not advised with any wind with an N in it. I have spoken before about the interaction with any wind counter to the direction of the gulf stream created steep and confused seas.

The best crossings are made from late afternoon arriving in daylight at Bimini or Cat Cay. An uncomfortable sea and in the dark would be ill advised.

Sleep; We’ve talked about the fact that as I/we age we go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. We/I also sleep in spits and spurts. I am thankful for the IPAD to watch shit while I am awake. However, I have recently read that the IPAD in fact might be the culprit. On the googlizer it seems that the light from the IPAD may decrease the production and level of melatonin

Melatonin is critical in the process of sleep and circadian cycles. IPADS have been scientifically proven to reduce the level of melatonin 22%. I checked to see if rum contains melatonin. I know that it can induce sleep in test subjects. Apparently melatonin is not the active ingredient in rum… You can mitigate the affects by dimming the screen to the minimum light level. You might ask do TV’s do the same thing? Apparently not. TVs are normally farther away and not as bright.

Apparently Cortisol is another culprit in the daily energy and sleep cycles. I checked everywhere in settings on the IPAD and could not find any place to adjust my melatonin, cortisol or sleep settings. JEEZUZ, Tabernac

Ok, lets do the math. No IPAD in bed or when you can’t sleep… Rum seems to work regardless of the light level…priceless.

You might ask what does this have to do with the subject of my blog…I need to get more sleep?

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