CXLIII – Time to move?

Burnt Store, Tuesday January 6th, 2014

At 16:00 the heat of the day got to us and I agreed to join Mary Lynn at the pool for a swim. I do apologize to all you folks up north who are braving some cold at the moment, I suspect however that the cold is tempered by the boys winning Gold. Nothing is better than when we are able to demonstrate our dominance. I was unable to watch or listen but I did manage to keep up with the Facebook postings. Not quite the same though.

We walked over to the heated pool and while we were having a nice swim, ML says ‘time to move don’t you think’? My first swim? Time to move?  I have mentioned before what can happen when you spend too much time ashore, you get comfortable and ‘worthless’. Both of these sensations are admirable unless you are a cruising sailor. Cruising requires movement. We don’t have to leave here until the 18th but it is time to load up on supplies, rum and anti-scurvy tablets.

Servicing, upgrades and repairs continue on Fracas. I think we will be ready to move in 3 to 12 days…


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