CXLVII – Birthday

Burnt Store – Saturday January 10th, 2015

January 10th, 1931 was the day my Dad was born, it was also a Saturday. Dad is 84 today. When he was born the country and North America was still ravaged by the 29 crash and drought and unemployment was 16 or 18 per cent. Times were tough. Happy Birthday Dad.

One of the big events that occurred during 1931 other than my Dad’s birth was the opening of the Empire State building. The Empire State building was the worlds tallest building until 1970. This record is broken every couple of years these days. The cool thing about the Empire State building is the time it took to construct. The excavation for the building began in March of 1930 and opened in April of 1931. Just over a year from the first shovel to open for business.

Who else was born in 1931:

Captain Kirk
Robert Duvall
james dean
James Dean


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