CXLII – Mallin’

Estero, Fl – Monday January 5th, 2015

Sometimes being on a mission is a good thing. Brent and Lianne have a place for a couple of months in Estero Florida, just south of Fort Myers. They were nice enough to come get us and let us stay on land with them for the night. It is nice to have a head (toilet) that doesn’t make unusual (mechanical) sounds. Brent made us a nice chicken Parmesan last night…first time we’ve seen him make a meal that didn’t require a bbq and Pete timing things. The pasta and sauce were very yummy and not too spicy. Lianne made biscuits that were very good as well. Home cooking at it’s best.

Back to the mission…Last night I mentioned that Camping World had a lot of the marine thingys we need at a much more reasonable price. He has been on a continuing mission to find a particular micro fiber washing brush. I told him I thought they had such a beast, so off we went. At the crack of dawn we left the women behind and ‘Gregor’ and Brent made a B line to Camping World. At Camping World the B line continued and Brent returned after a couple of minutes smiling like he just chased the geese off the berm. In his hands were three, count em, three of the aforementioned scrubbing devices. Success, mission completed, I had to hurry and finish my shopping for the return B-line to pic up the women and continue the day.

When we picked up the women (Mary Lynn and Lianne), and as Brent coined it we were going ‘mallin’. I assumed he meant mallin over maulin…we are both over 60 and one of us is way over 60, just sayin’. The women were quite content to shop and shop and shop. Brent and I on the other hand had to be entertained. Needless to say we survived the time the ladies shopped and then lunch was to be one we could add to our experimental lunch list. We wanted to try five guys burgers and fries, so that is what we did.

five guys 1Health warnings aside, we ordered the only food on the menu; burgers and fries. If you haven’t tried them yet give it a whorl. The burgers are old style and great, the fries are plentiful and delicious. The offer everything conceivable as a condiment including; shrooms, grilled onions and hot peppahs. You receive your meal in a brown paper bag with the fries copiously stored in the bottom and your burger wrapped in foil nestled above…


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