CXLI – Irish Pub

Burnt Store Marina; Sunday January 4th, 2015

Yesterday we were picked up by the Naples (who have a motor car) and they took us along to an Irish Pub in Punta Gorda. The pub is called Celtic Ray and they offer outside performances each weekend. Some chairs and tables are provided but to be sure, bring along your own comfy chair.

You must attend to the bar to order your beer or food in the pub way. They then bring your food to you.

They have a great selection of traditional beers and I enjoyed several. The interior of the pub has a section at the front that is very traditional Irish and a larger two level area aft that is somewhat more contemporary. There is a stage and one can only imagine the entertainment that has trod there.

The entertainment was provided by a couple, Paulie and Peggy aka Brigid’s Cross. Where did the name come from? The cross is named for one of Ireland’s patron saints St. Brigid of Kildare. Many Irish hang these crosses on their homes to protect them from fire and  mayhem.

Paulie is a fiddler in the Cape Breton tradition. Peggy is at home on the keyboard/synthesizer and the bodhran drum. A great example of their talent and the drum below:

No cover charge here, just a bucket generously filled by the folks who enjoyed the show. They performed for almost three continuous hours, just taking one short break. Peggy near the end performed her beer fountain… the task, hold four beer glasses and drink from the bottom one while the other three continuously pour into each other. I should have worn a life jacket when I attempted it later the same day…beer fountain

Patrons were bringing them beer and the show almost came to an end when Peggy found herself in Irish handcuffs…a full beer in each hand. Music resumed when she disposed of the handcuffs.

We stayed for dinner and had shepherd’s pie and fish and chips…pretty good. Thank to Dave and Sandy for thinking of handcuffs


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