CLIX – Roman numberals finally spelled something

Estero Island – Matanzas Inn/Mooring field Thursday January 22nd, 2015
There have been voices this morning. Not what you’re thinking but voices around the boat. I stick my head out to see who might be trying to steal what from whom or who? What I see is a motley and sordid flotilla of ‘boats’ paddling or rowing from the mainland over to Estero Island. I assume that they are going across to work. For now, put away the pepper spray, wasp jet turbo spray, fish bonker and flare gun.
Mary Lynn is still ‘reading’. That’s what she calls it. She says people will think all she does is sleep because of what you write about me. All I can say is it must be a pretty good book.
Bob from Eclipse mentioned that while they were away from the boat for a few days someone tried to break into it. They didn’t get much but we have to be on our toes and put stuff away and lock stuff up. Moorings are $15 bucks a night but we are way out there in the mooring field.
We went in to the Matanzas Inn office to register. Patricia signed us in and gave us the down and dirty about how the place works. Clean showers a place to get rid of trash. They mention in their rules and on a sign in the shower room to ‘clean up behind yourself’. I always clean behind, ears, toes and everywhere. I comply with at least one of their rules.
Linda Faubert got me thinking about coffee again today. It has been many sleeps since I have had a cup of Kicking Horse but Peet’s is working in the interim. Where was I? Australian research (If you can believe anything those criminals say) suggests that the colour of your coffee cup influences the taste.
Testers, (other Australian criminals) noted that the traditional white cup tasted more bitter and strong. Clear glass was perceived to be less bitter and better. Blue was sweeter. I don’t believe any of this horse shit. I am however enjoying my Peet’s french roast from my outer clear inner blue Tervis mug…how sweet it is.
All you purists out there are thinking he hardly ever talks about sailing or what he sees…more pictures they cry. I don’t know where ML put the damn camera. I don’t want to disturb her reading to ask.
Wear sun screen.


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