Burnt Store – Tuesday January 20th, 2015

Correction; Sunday I mentioned the series Broadchurch and the accents of the actors. It seems that their regional accent is an English accent specifically the Dorset region of England. The show was filmed in Dorset, England. My apologies to the Irish and my cohorts of Irish descent.

We will move on from Burnt Store today. Our first destination is back out to Pelican Bay at Cayo Costa. Last Mango arrived there yesterday and will layover today waiting for us to join them for the trek south and east…

We have enjoyed out time here at Burnt Store. This property is quiet, clean and friendly. The only downside is the distance to the nearest grocery store. It is about 10 miles in either direction, great if you have a car but not a friendly or possible bike route. Boaters pay a fixed rate that includes; access to two pools, free pump outs at your slip Monday and Thursday. There is a restaurant, health club and golf course on site available for a fee.

IMG_1824You may have noticed that I have been distracted and sparse with my blog and sitting in one place for a month. The cause of that has been dealt with completely and successfully. If you want to be sure you are around to oversee the rearing of grandchildren wear a hat and use sunscreen.

The seven sunscreens that earned recommendations from Consumer Reports 2014 are:

  • Banana Boat’s Ultra Defense Max Skin Protect SPF 110 spray, at $1.75 an ounce.
  • BullFrog Water Armor Sport InstaCool SPF 50+ spray, at $1.67 an ounce. This was one of the two screens that lived up to its SPF claim.
  • Coppertone Water Babies SPF 50, at $1.38 an ounce.
  • Neutrogena Ultimate Sport SPF 70+ lotion, at $2.75 an ounce.
  • Target’s Up & Up Spray Sport SPF 50 spray, at $0.80 an ounce.
  • Walgreens’ Well Sport SPF 50 spray, at $1.58 an ounce
  • Walmart’s Equate Ultra Protection SPF 50, at $0.56 an ounce.

Now I must scramble to get these 20 tons of fun ready to sail again, return the rental car and gather the last provisions (rum).

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