CLXI – Sir Isaac Newton – the original Apple guy

Mooring ball 57 – Saturday, January 24th 2015

The weather we have been waiting for arrived in the night. Winds have grown through the interval to 20 gusting 25 occasionally a bit more. There has been some rain and it is cloudy. It is however still t-shirt weather and that’s a bonus considering at home you have freezing drizzle.

coconut-point-estero-bay-florida-tide-graphWe are moored here at ball 57 with our cohorts the Mangoes. We are in a narrow channel between the mainland and Fort Myers and the Island of Estero. We are subject to a lot of current related to the tides here. We have a cycle of two tides at work here. This tide business was invented by the original APPLE guy Sir Isaac Newton. All these tides and stuff will continue to help and challenge sailors unless that woman in Ontario repeals the law of gravity. Hang on that day. Where was I?

sir isaac
Note that gravity has a stronger pull on his right eye just below where he was struck by the original apple. Look at the calamity that Apple(s) have caused; Adam and Eve, Sir Isaac and gravity…

Oh ya, two tides. You may wonder why there are two high tides? Thanks to Sir Isaac one high tide is due to the moon being moon and tidesclosest to that side of the earth exerting gravitational pull. The second high tide is when the moon is on the other side of the earth exerting the least pull on the sea. This allows the water to bulge out or away from the earth…another high tide. So between Sir Isaac and the moon we have a lot of current here in the channel. The boat lays in the current more so than the wind so we can lay across the wind and heel over nicely at mooring.

Yesterday we went for a walk to West Marine. I know that doesn’t sound like much but let me drop the other shoe, John Mango was with us. He had his magic short walk phone with him. This outing it took two buses to get us to the short walk. When will we learn. Grant from ‘Crows’ still has his feet in therapy from a short walk he was on. I was in my Crocflops and I’m sure I will be seeking the services of a foot psychiatrist before long. He said it’s not far it fits on one screen of my phone. I was encouraged by that at first, then I realized that I have seen the milky way on one screen of my I phone. It just occured to me that the I in I phone/Pad stuff stands for Isaac, Holy Crap.

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