CII – Turner Marine turkey day!

Wednesday November 26th, 2014

This is my first American Thanksgiving. Here at the marina Turners put on a pot luck Turkey fry. Turners provide the tools and the turkey and the participating boaters provide whatever else. The only down side is it is cold again. I know, I know stop whining about the cold. I do keep track of whats happening up north. From time to time I visit the Anchor Inn’s webcam and check on the weather at home and snow. I see snow on the ground and it looks cold.

I forgot for a while that the Wrights are problem solvers, sometimes with interesting if not comical results, but problem solvers. My Dad was a great mechanical problem solver, I’m pretty good and my son Michael is great as well. It may skip generations. I’m not afraid to try to solve problems often with  success and then there are the other times… Hopefully today goes well, I will use a ladder to attempt to fix the wind generator bracket. I have a plan and my thumb is nearly healed. I have the nub of a new thumbnail. It is not pretty but it looks like I will have a nail sometime in the new year. I will report.

Last night the boys from Fracas, Crows and Mango went drive-about. We had the blessing of the appropriate admirals and the use of the courtesy car, appropriately a Durango. What to do? Where to go? So, we went to Bass Pro and Home Depot. Big night out. Mango may be able to navigate a sailboat with the best of us but he is a heavy footed braker! Grant and I were thrown around like accusations on Jerry Springer. We did successfully get where we intended with almost the minimum of walking. Remember the orienteering to get to Gambino’s.

Grant and John were looking for fishing equipment. I’m not sure about fishing in the open water when you might catch something that will come aboard and take you back to feed their babies. I will swim for lobsters and maybe get a trap of my own but open water????

We have the main sail on and it looks like the wind has dropped enough to get the head sails on. I have to go up the main mast because I left one wrap of tape on the genoa foil. My bad.

Still no Christmas tree… woodyhurlingWoody made it back to the boat last night not sure what he got into but he’s not well. Nothing worse than a fowl mouthed parrot with the dry heaves…

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