CIII Turner Marine – Thanksgiving

Thursday November 27th, 2014

I like parties and holidays. Yesterday we had a nice Turkey lunch with the other boaters, Turner family and staff. The turkeys were deep fried (an alternate turkey was roasted for purists) and the boaters pot lucked the trimmings and desserts. It was cool some might say cold but the food and camaraderie overcame the chilly weather. Although when the food was gone they disappeared like spray over the bow. I arrived in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. My dress appeared to make the others uncomfortable and colder. Even I had to run back to Fracas and put pants and a hoodie on. Thanks to Turners for the great event.

Today is their actual holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends. Everything is closed today and everyone who has somewhere to go is gone to visit. We will remain here and try to fix the wind generator bracket. Remember I have concerns that the spinning part will hit the backstay…

I also have a few pictures from the Last Mango mast stepping at dark on Tuesday:

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