CI – Turner Mast stepping

Monday November 24th, 2014

Fracas is a sailing vessel or an SV, one notch up from an RV. That of course reminds me of Christmas Vacation and Cousin Eddie’s infamous RV. There is a hierarchy; MV, RV and SV. Just sayin’.

We have hundreds of movies on board…I hope we have Christmas Vacation for our Christmas aboard FRACAS in Florida. There are many parallels between this movie and sailing. We dealt with one of those yesterday when after getting our masts we went next door to Dog River.

When the folks at Dog River Marina saw me coming with my Eddie hat and stogie they got the hose ready.

I am worried that my new wind generator bracket is just an inch too short. The carbon fiber blades might be ground up by the location of the split back stay that I failed to consider when I visioned this location.

ML came back from Walmart Marine with some Christmas stuff; lights, garlands and NO TREE. She says we will hang the tree from the mast, perhaps from the wind generator bracket

More as we live it.

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