C – Turner Marine Rain

Sunday November 23rd, 2014

We have been on the water on this trek for C (100) days. Holy Crap, the time has really flown by. I was a touch home sick the last few days. I do miss the kids, my dog, snow, and deer season (even though I don’t hunt anymore). I enjoyed deer hunting when I was doing that and not hunting while I was still working. Everyone was gone from the workplace, it was peaceful and quiet. There is a certain irony related to deer hunting with some of my friends. They post pictures of cute dogs, puppies and kittens and then post pictures of themselves smiling next to a disemboweled deer…just sayin.

There are a number of dogs around the two marinas. One dog oversees Turner Marine and several canines reside and supervise next door at Dog River. The big dog next door wears a muzzle, not to keep him from barking but from eating cars and bicycles. Big dog.

christmas tree 2Just a month til Christmas. The kids are coming south to be with us for Christmas and New Years. We have to get a tree? I have been on the lookout around here…not many trees to choose from. There is  a big palm on site…reminds me of Christmas tree hunting with my mom when  we were kids. It has one good side, or it has a nice top and then we take the top of an 80 foot tree. That brings me back to the palm, it has a nice top. These palm trees have nice tops…but that’s where most of the tree lives and I suspect it might get bigger when I get it in the boat. christmas tree ceramic

I looked at the Norfolk potted pine…but to me they look upside down and not very sturdy to hold decorations. Holy Crap, we don’t have any decorations or lights. JEEZUZ

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