Chordate gingivitis

We are presently anchored very near the beach at Englewood Beach Florida. The Stump Pass State Park is very near, a dinghy hop and a short walk.This is a beach loaded with shells and people collecting shark teeth. Adults and children of all ages are pecking away at the beach like yard birds.

Where do the teeth come from? Do the sharks in this area have some dental issues. Sharks shed teeth at a rate of about 1 tooth a week. They can regrow a new tooth in as little as one day.

Shark teeth (fossils) not my pic

It seems however that the teeth the folks are pecking for are fossilized teeth that have washed out of the sediment. A lady who was down on her butt digging merrily away informed the girls about shark teeth.

Now we have sea glass, sea beans (sea seeds), and now shark teeth.

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