Eggs, dilemma… on toast?

Eggs are amazing albeit villainous to your health depending on the year and the study. Eggs are not quite oval shaped, they are… they are egg shaped. They are slightly squished ellipses. The shape I’m sure, has something to do with optimizing their exit from the host chicken. The sounds that chickens make are likely related to the egg, the shape and the exit requirement of same.

Eggs come in their own container. Everywhere and everybody in the world other than on North America keep their eggs on the outside of the refrigerator. Here we must have clean sterile eggs and we wash away or damage the cuticle layer of the shell. Our eggs must then be refrigerated.

Today the spring equinox occurs around 6:00 p.m. or 18:00. Eggs came to mind when I thought about the egg myth that an egg can be balanced upright on the equinox. The reality, if it can be balanced, it can any day of the year, but I only think to try it on the equinox. I am on egg 5 and even though I have been unsuccessful so far, the likelihood of a rather large omelet is quite good.

A couple of years ago I started to eat a few more eggs. They said they were good for you again. Something happened and now new scientists are saying that dreadful word ‘moderation’. I can only assume that the scientists who were so pro-egg a couple of years ago died of some egg related malady… tabernac.

The sun is the yellow ball. The earth orbits the sun or whatever you flat earthers think…

The equinox, you wonder. On the equinox the sun passes directly over the celestial equator. Winter ends and spring begins at that moment. As mentioned that occurs here at 17:58 this evening. Be sure to have appropriate clothing to change into when spring hits.

Sensible shoes… sensible clown shoes but a bitch for tree climbing

By way of travel update, we are still in Sarasota. We were going to go to the Ringling Brothers Circus museum yesterday but that outing was rained out. We have rescheduled that for today. Another bus ride on their SCAT system. Looking for new shoes at the circus museum, what could go wrong.

Mangos mentioned that there is a miniature town, circus, and stuff part of the museum. ‘For the midgets’ I exploded. I can’t wait. I hope they don’t know about long lost ‘cousin’ Basil or was it Basil (not the fawlty towers version). Basil Wright as many of you long term readers might remember was a midget swinging low on our family tree. History says he jumped up and pushed a hooker down the stairs to her demise…

I will search out appropriate spring garb and have my omelet and bask in the warm rays of the full worm moon that rises tonight at 21:43. So much to do so little time…

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