Cayo Costa (La Costa Island(Padilla Rancho))

We are presently anchored in the state park of Cayo Costa. Cayo Costa is an island about 12 miles west of Cape Coral. This park is only accessible by boat, either ferry or private vessel.

Our route from Fort Myers Beach in the south to Cayo Costa up North

Our trip was about 23nm and took us about 6 hours. We were slowed up by the wind on the nose, tidal current and the heavy march break traffic. We encountered traffic made up of all manner of floating vessels driven by folks with all levels of ability or inability at all and various speeds. One ‘Captain’ gave me a hand gesture suggesting I was encroaching into his lane on a section of the ICW that was about 40 times wider than our boats. I returned with the only sailing hand gesture I know…

After our son and family left we relocated to the mooring field. We had to get supplies and store our truck. Jimmie White (everyone knows Jimmie) and his wife Sue were gracious and generous and offered to drive us back from J & R Marine Services North of Port Charlotte. J & R is the facility that will summer store Fracas.

My battery is pupping out so I will have to end this now. Later

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