CCXXVIII (FRACAS date: 62.00822)

Friday April 03, 2015

This morning a little snippet of the life here in George Town. We had hoped to get out of here and do some exploring of Cat Island (about 45nm from here) but the wind is keeping that from happening. We do have a small opening tomorrow but we are short timers and we don’t want to get trapped somewhere and miss our flight etc.

This is the entrance to Lake Victoria George Town and the dinghy dock. The rage builds here

When the trades get blowing (East +/- 30 degrees) at 18 to 20 gusting 25 Elizabeth Harbour gets choppy. A dinghy ride over to get water, rum or provisions (don’t be offended by the order) can be a bumpy and wet ride one way or the other. Yesterday there was a full blown rage underway at the bridge into Victoria Lake (dinghy dock). I’ve spoken about the rage before. But yesterday I was caught in the thing. Basically they are standing waves. The tide is going out against the wind and they just sit there getting bigger and bigger. I got wet.

The deal and the snippet of information you are all waiting for is, everyone moves their boats around. You move in and anchor near George Town when you have to get water, shop, rum or do laundry (don’t be offended by the order). It makes the dinghy journey shorter. The boat may bounce more on the hook but not for the night. You move back to Stocking Island and drop the hook.

George Town laundromat; complete with attendants and a lunch counter

George Town Laundromat:  Like most of the retail here the laundromat is a little different. There are at least three staff working the shop. When you enter a staff member assigns you machines and sets up a tab. You fill the designated machines and they start them for you all for only $7 per machine. $14 bucks wash and dry per load. It seems expensive but FRACAS doesn’t have to look like a yard sale. Nice folks run the place.

While we were waiting for the clothes to dry Dave Daub came in with his bag of laundry. He dropped it with the lady and started to leave. He told us that only for a couple of bucks more they will DO the laundry for you!!! Tabernac

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