CCXXIX – ((Fracas date; 62.0196) or 62 1/91)

Saturday April 4th 2015

Very disappointing that we are missing our niece Hope’s wedding today. We wish her well on this day and their life ahead together. We will toast you two today from the Bahamas. Hope loves animals in general and horses in particular. There are very few pets here and I haven’t seen a horse anywhere. You could probably get Reggie to bring one over but it would be costly.

More about George Town. There are more liquor stores than grocery stores. There is a NAPA store that doesn’t have a sign on the outside anywhere. There is a lumber yard and a hardware/marine store (topIIbottom). Prices are high here but everything has to be shipped in by boat. There are small shops that sell things like electronics; one wall of the store will be retail and the rest vacant. They can only sell what they have.

Yesterday we began some of the work to get ready to come home. We have to decide what stays, what goes home and what goes overboard (a figure of speech). ML has stuff vac u-bagged and stuffed in the forward locker. We sewed one hatch cover yesterday and we will do the other one today.

We will move later today over to Red Shanks. I’m not done with the turtles and would like to swim with Nikki the dolphin once myself. I will try to get some underwater pictures and video (this should be good). I can’t wear my corrective glasses when snorkeling, so I could actually be swimming with Sammy the Shark or Barry the Barracuda… Holy Crap!

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