CCXXXI (62.0164)

Sunday April 5th, 2015 (62.0137)

We did have a problem with ML today. She missed being home for Easter. She does like family events and misses that kind of gathering. This trip will be our longest away from home as future years will see us away for less than 6 months and likely home for Christmas considering the arrival our grandchild.

ML started preparing the forward head for a varnish job. She has it to the tape stage and will give it bronze wool rub and a coat of stuff likely starting tomorrow. We hope to complete the entire boat interior before the end of next season.

Man Of War Cay: Our outing today took us over to Man Of War Cay ( 23 28.800N/75 41.500W ). Man of War Cay has beautiful beaches and sandbars that are above water at Low Tide and fun wading around at High Tide. We spent some time over there finding lots of starfish on the sand bars. There was a steady stream of small tour boats and charters bringing the folks over to see the sand.

It was a choppy ride over to the beach from our Anchorage around Red Shanks, specifically we are just North of Moss Cay ( 23 28.900N/75 44.100W ) We are anchored in from 8 to 10 feet based on tide and could be a little farther East (for future reference). We are with three sailboats and a couple of PBTs.

We finished or outing by stopping off at the Turtle feeding hole. I will give you the position is you promise to bring squid and feed Yurtle… ( 23 29.340N/75 44.500W ). Watch out for turtles on the way in and be patient, gather up a crowd or the first guy (usually Yurtle) will get all the Calamari. Some of the turtles are tagged (you may see that from the pictures) Yurtle has two tags one on each flipper.

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