CCXXVII Today I am 62 and 1/365th

Thursday April 2, 2015

Birthdays remind me of how we tell our age. Babies are 6 weeks, 2 and 1/2 months, a year and a half and terrible twos… Kids are 5 and a half, and then things change. You seldom hear teenagers say they are 14 and a half. At 62 I’m changing that. From now on be prepared for fractions and perhaps even decimals. Ask me how old I am and it will likely sound like Star Trek star dates. I am still working out the spread sheet. Tomorrow I will be 62 and 1/182.5ths or 62.0055, I think you get the idea. I kind of like the ring of Fracas date 62.0055.

ML made me a nice cake. I like those poke cakes with stuff jammed into them and cream cheese icing. Sometimes it’s jello this time it was pineapple. We only had a few candles as it is pretty warm here (another overt jab about the spring at home). ML got me a nice BananaSplitUSA shirt… now I have to find a place to wear it. Dinner was BBQ steak (very tasty (from the Prime Island Meats)). You have to ride in the back of their pick up truck or go by taxi to shop. We thought about taking the bikes to shore but everyone discourages that thought… there have been incidents…

Mid afternoon we went over to the beach near Sand Dollar Beach, set up the umbrella and sat at the water’s edge drinking cocktails and watching the rays and turtles pass by. I’m pretty sure it is the first birthday I have spent at a beach.

TV…We just started to watch a couple of episodes of Schitt’s Creek. Eugene Levy makes me laugh, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and W.C. Fields do to. The thirty somethings are all going who?

Just a short clip of the best of Buster Keaton…from the days before iphones.

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