CCXXVI 01/04/2015

Wednesday April 1st, 2015

This day is off to a bad start. I don’t have anymore Pete’s or Kicking Horse Coffee. The first day of my 63rd year will have to start with a Starbucks french roast. The beans sounded awful while I ground them and the coffee is less than enjoyable. Perhaps I need to perk up the coffee with something from the other tickle trunk. Fortify the coffee. It’s not like I have to operate any heavy equipment today. We might move FRACAS over to one of the beaches if an opening comes up, she’s only 20 tons and what could go wrong?

Irish Coffee

While I consider what to do to fix this coffee issue, let’s discuss the recipes for some of these delicious fortified treats. Always pour hot water into the cup to warm it up. Fill the cup 3/4 full of your favourite hot coffee (1/2 full if you need more room) Then add a gill of Irish Whiskey (Red Breast) a teaspoon of brown sugar (less if your watching your sugar (more if you don’t give a shit)). Now here is where I differ from the run of the mill recipes, just pour heavy cream (not whipped). Do not stir the mix after the cream is on top just drink it through the cream. Damn I don’t have any Irish whiskey (too soon after St. Paddy’s day).

Spanish Coffee

You can’t go wrong with Spanish coffee as it contains rum. Warm the cup add the coffee to the acceptable limit. Then make up a gill of rum with Tia Maria or any coffee liqueur. equal parts recommended I prefer a little heavier foot on the rum. Whipped cream can be used with this coffee. Those of you with mustaches, be prepared to have the whipped cream tag along with you until you can get your tongue out and clean the soup strainer off.

An Irish Kiss

If you don’t like hard liquor in your coffee then perhaps you should try one of these babies. Warm the cup yadayada… Add equal parts Baileys Irish Cream and Kahlua. Top with heavy cream or whipped cream if you are into the kinky stuff.

Mexican Coffee

You have to love anything with ice cream in it. OK, just do the coffee part fill like above. Then equal parts tequila and Kahlua. The topper is the vanilla ice cream. Put 1/4 to 1/3 cup of ice cream and soften it in the microwave (if you live north of 40 or just sit it on the counter for 15 seconds if you are where we are) You don’t want the ice cream to kill the heat of the coffee completely so just a quarter turn stir.

In summary

This all takes a lot of work. My suggestion is to put ice cream in a bowl, add the booze of your choice until the ice cream floats…chase it with a 1/2 gill of rum. Tabernac

This worked, I no longer care about the Starbucks coffee. What day is it?

What to do today?

Garmin; I have an issue with my Garmin system. Every now and then the Chartplotter suggests that it no longer is connected to the GPS antenna. Remember we discussed knowing where you where was important. Panic follows when the error message pops up. The Icon for FRACAS starts flashing with a big question mark over her.

I contacted Garmin and they vowed to contact me within three business days. Why does it always take three days. When I bought the unit they didn’t say “Oh take three days to pay us”.

I will report on the events of my birthday and April Fools as the day unravels




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